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Finding What Works; A Patient's Perspective

Paula 1.jpg

The Oregon Medical Marijuana Program has just under 70,000 patients, all of whom are enrolled due to various ailments that each require a unique type of care. Here at Collective Awakenings, we make it a point to understand who our patients are, as well as their medical needs. We believe that every patient deserves quality and compassionate care. Paula-Noel Macfie, one of our wonderful patients shares the same passion for medical marijuana as we do. Paula-Noel joined the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program about 5 years ago, and has been a patient at Collective Awakenings for over 3 years. She was enrolled into the OMMP to help gain relief from multiple sclerosis, PTSD, and depression.

Some of Paula-Noel’s first encounters with dispensaries left her somewhat intimidated and overwhelmed because of the amount and variety of products. After attempting a few options, using trial and error, she came to Collective Awakenings. Paula-Noel said that on her first visit she began to understand how little she knew about her options with medical marijuana. “I realized that I could ask any questions here, and try to get as much information as I possibly could.” This opened her up to explore different forms of medical marijuana, helping her find the most suitable products to provide her relief. “Collective Awakenings has been very resourceful … Every tender has supported me, listened, and had a good vibe on days I wasn’t feeling well.” Currently, she is using the Luminous Botanicals Cure-All Meadow Blend sublingually, and has found the right dose to maintain functionality while meeting all of her needs for relief.

In the last 4 years, Paula-Noel has gained a lot of knowledge about medical marijuana and continues to help many people in the community understand the benefits and relief that medical marijuana provides. Paula-Noel believes that finding the right dispensary is very important. “I would not want to turn a patient off of the medicine because of a poor impression of the dispensary used.” Paula-Noel said she uses Collective Awakenings because it’s a comfortable, friendly, and caring environment. “Always ask lots of questions, and listen to your body and intuition, and trust what works for you.” She also encourages anyone who is new to the world of medical marijuana to always have support, whether it be a friend, family-member, or a tender at a dispensary. Paula-Noel explained that it can feel difficult to find what works best, and it’s comforting to have someone there to support your efforts.

We feel very privileged to be serving Paula-Noel and all other OMMP patients. Come in with your questions, and let us introduce ourselves!