Recreational Use Information

What are the growing restrictions?


You may grow up to 4 plants per household. All plants must be out of public view, and the grower must be 21 or older.

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How old do I have to be to consume, posses and grow marijuana recreationally?

Anyone 21 and older can consume, posses and grow mariuana recreationally. 


When can I purchase marijuana from a store?


As of October 1st, anyone 21 and older can purchase up to 7 grams of flower per day. Collective Awakenings will be open to the public on the first, also kicking off our new hours 9am-9pm daily.



As of July 1st, 2015, it is now legal to grow, posses, and use recreational marijuana. 


Here are some FAQs to help answer any questions about the recent changes:
How much marijuana can I carry at one time?


You can posses up to 8oz of usable marijuana in your home, and up to 1oz of usable marijuana outside of your home.


Can I take my marijuana out of state with me?


No, you cannot take marijuana out of state. 


What's the deal with edibles?


You are allowed to make edibles and receive/give them as a gift, and may only consume in private places. 


Where can I consume marijuana?


It is still illegal to consume marijuana in the public's eye view. All consumption must be done at home or on private property.