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 We hand select the best possible plants to harvest, constantly and meticulously perfect lab processes, discover new ways to increase product quality, and are pioneering a new generation of concentrate products that will be the new gold standard of the industry. If it has our name on it, you know you're getting the best.

- From Mana Extracts 



Local to Portland, Oregon Chronic Creations Creates the most consistently pure, potent and highest quality cannabis flower and concentrates. Chronic Creations also creates a Full Extract Cannabis Oil and Solvent-free hash in many varieties.

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"Using innovative, industry-leading lab equipment, we extract premium product from your plant harvest. We collaborate with growers and distributors to create a process that is unmatched in quality, speed and production." - From Bobsled Extracts



"Willamette Valley Alchemy is a community-inspired, craft cannabis company based in the heart of Eugene. All of our high grade products are grown right here in the Willamette Valley. From extracts and concentrates to edibles, you can expect only the best." - From Willamette Valley Alchemy



"Our mission is to craft only the finest cannabis concentrates and edibles on the market. And we mean the whole cannabis market, recreational to medical, statewide, from the high desert to the rocky coast. Providing a breadth of products from hard candy to cookies, shatter to sugar wax, cartridges to capsules, and much much more, we promise to keep you fully equipped and 100% satisfied. And at Lunchbox Alchemy, our master extractors continue to push the boundaries of quality and innovation, using state-of-the-art, closed-loop systems and the finest medical-grade solvents, filtered and distilled twice in-house to ensure the utmost purity." - From Lunchbox Alchemy



"We specialize in the production of high terpene expression and retention extracts, infused honey edibles and apitherapeutic-cannabinoid products. Inspired by the historical electuary, a medicinal preparation of healing herbs and honey to be licked by the tongue, Echo Electuaries are contemporary adaptations that craft only the most cared for, vibrant and local ingredients available.  Also  we also donate 3% of all of our product sales to the bees! This money helps improve honey bees health, restoring native bee and pollinator habitats and promotes agroecosystem diversity." -From Echo Electuary


"Gold Moon specializes in high quality concentrates and extracts. The unique artistry of our process comes in after the initial extraction. Most laboratories use a vacuum oven to heat and remove unwanted material, a method that strips the product of some of its active ingredients. That’s where Gold Moon rewrites the script. We created the unique Nitro-XT process which uses very little heat, purifying our shatter and eliminating the unwanted fat, waxes, and other impurities. Without the lipids and impurities, the color is light and consistent throughout. Our Nitro-XT process results in a shatter with high purity and high potency — a difference you see and feel." -From Gold Moon Concentrates



"Oregon Genetics has invented a process called "Ultra Refinement" where we use Subzero Temperatures, in order to preserve the Original/Natural terpene content of the Cannabis Flower without any of the extra plant compounds. Just the Terpenes and Cannabinoids. Oregon Genetics creates a variety of flavorful and potent concentrates .   Organic, pesticide/fungicide free, natural, sustainable, with the utmost resource consumption efficiency, a safe product free of contaminants with a safe work environment for our employees.  We believe that quality is the first ingredient and ensure that every product delivered has a similar flavor, effect, and experience ." -From Oregon Genetics